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We're here to suck your blood!

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Do you like to read vampire novels, stories, and whatnot? Do you write any kind of stuff in this realm like short stories, novellas, novels, screen plays, or poetry? Well, young blood sucker, this community is for you. Here, you can talk about some of the latest vampire novels to come out; review, announce, or whatever. Plus, if you're the writer type, this club will serve the purpose of a free outlet for you to not only post, but also to have your work read by an audience and then critiqued.

There are not that many rules for the community, though the ones that we do have are to keep this a great welcoming community for all.

First of all, NO FLAME WARS! This goes for talking about absolutely anything in this community, be it novels, writing, or whatever. And yeah, you're probably not going to agree with absolutely EVERYTHING that people post here. But, if you wish to say something that's demeaning to someone else, then keep it to yourself.

Second of all, please do keep with the intentions of this club. In other words, there will be NO SPAMMING, NO ADVERTISEMENTS, and NOTHING THAT IS NOT RELEVANT TO SOME LEG OF THIS COMMUNITY. This means to please only post messages to do with vampire novels and your original works about vampires.

Third of all, it is known that not every aspect of a vampire piece is going to be G-rated. There will generally be no censorship on anybody's part of content of original pieces. Then again, EROTICA will not be tolerated. We will try to keep this for all ages, so this means that this club will not be turning into a porn site any time soon.

Fourth, originality is what will mainly be expressed here. So, this means to respect copyrights, and don't make your work like anyone else's. A bit of time back, for example, Anne Rice got her panties in a twist about people apparently copying her style. So, don't intentionally copy anyone, and all will be good.

So, blood sucker...welcome, and enjoy your eternal stay!